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AK47s may possibly be the most widely used rifle in the world. With multiple stock styles ranging from a full wooden stock to folding metal stocks, Combat High Density Weapon Racks & Combat Weapon Shelving Systems are available to store AK-47s in single or double tier configurations with individual barrel saddles, giving armories the ability to adjust multiple AK-47 stock styles or other weapons requiring secure weapon storage.

AK-47s in Combat Weapon Storage Systems can be stored with optics attached to the weapon with no additional weapon rack accessories needed.

AK47 Weapons Rack

AK47 Weapon Storage Rack National Stock Number
1095-01-612-1508 (Download Specifications)
CWR1 - Stores 24 Rifles & 24 Pistols. 9 point locking system
1095-01-612-1502 CWR2 - Stores 24 Rifles & 24 Pistols. 10 point locking system
1095-01-612-1512 (Download Specifications) CWR3 - Stores 28 Rifles & 28 Pistols. 9 point locking system
1095-01-612-1518 CWR4 - Stores 28 Rifles & 28 Pistols. 10 point locking system
1095-01-620-5234 (Download Specifications) CWR40 - Stores 12 AK47s. 44" H x 36" W x 15" D 9 point locking system
1095-01-620-5600 (Download Specifications) CWR41 - Stores 14 AK47s. 44" H x 42" W x 15" D 9 point locking system


AK47 Weapon Storage Rack
AK47 Rifle Racks, AK47 Weapon Cabinets, AK47 Weapon Storage
Two tiers of 24 AK47s with doors folded in half
Two tiers of 24 AK47s doors out
AK47 Weapon Rack
24 AK-47s with 24 M-9s and NVGs


AK47 Weapon Storage Systems provide storage for AK47 rifles of all variants and versions

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